The dark mode phenomenon continues to lớn spread its inky fingers through websites và apps on all platforms – & Facebook is not immune. The Messenger component of social network might be most readily associated with the iOS and Android apps as well as the Facebook website, and it"s easy khổng lồ forget that there"s actually a Windows 10 Facebook Messenger ứng dụng available that allows for easy messaging on the desktop.

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More than this, Facebook is also running a beta program for the Messenger desktop phầm mềm, trying out new features and options on those eager to use the very lachạy thử version of the tool. For anyone with the beta installed, there"s a nice treat available now: dark mode.

In fact, the Facebook Messenger beta ứng dụng includes a number of theming options. You"ll find the new options by clicking the "Settings" button (the gear icon) lớn the upper left of the app window, and then heading lớn the "Appearance" section. Click the drop-down thực đơn & you"ll find four options khổng lồ choose from.

Select Light mode, and nothing will change – Messenger will retain its trắng background. But if you want to dial down the brightness, you have sầu two choices. Select Dark if you really enjoy darker tones, or opt for Gray for something dark but subtle.

There"s also the "Mirror system preferences" option, which makes Messenger respect the phầm mềm theme settings you"ve sầu mix in Windows.

Paint it black

Dark mode isn"t the only option you"ll find in the beta version of the ứng dụng. It also allows for easy file-sharing thanks to lớn the fact you can simply drag and drop files onlớn the Messenger window. Other options include the ability to delete sent messages, & khổng lồ hide chats.

You can tải về the lademo beta version of Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.

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