Our Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum Review reveals whether this serum ACTUALLY improves hyperpigmentation and the overall brightness of your skin.

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Whether you"re dealing with skin dullness, sagging, or hyperpigmentation, seeking out one of the best Vi-Ta-Min C serums is key for your skincare regime. But with so many serums on the market, all promising the same results, the formula you plump for is a very individual decision. That choice, however, becomes pretty narrow if you prefer khổng lồ lean on natural skincare products. Our Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum review reveals whether this natural serum can be a match for its more high-tech counterparts. We put it to lớn the thử nghiệm to lớn see if its glow và ability to lớn fade pigmentation could stand up lớn more mainstream products and doctor brands on the market. 

The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is best known as a fan favorite on Instagram, especially with wellness bloggers who recommover slathering your skin in it while downing a wheatgrass shot. But delving deeper inkhổng lồ the product’s back story reveals that it’s less faddy than social media would have sầu you believe sầu. There’s real science behind the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, which explains why it’s an award-winning sản phẩm. And when it comes lớn the Vi-Ta-Min C derivative, it is powered by sodium ascorbic phosphate rather than the usual suspect, L-ascorbic acid, for good reason. 

Natural extracts of clary sage, grapefruit, hyaluronic acid, konjac root powder, aloe leaf extract, và chamomile flower also make it into lớn the formula, which ticks a lot of boxes for natural skincare fans. As do Vi-Ta-Min E và ferulic acid, which dermatologists recommend you use in tandem with vitamin C for their antioxidant prowess. 

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum review: the need khổng lồ know

Targets: Dull skin và signs of sun damage.

USP: Its natural formula & choice of less sensitizing Vi-Ta-Min C derivative, sodium ascorbic phosphate.

The science behind Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum uses sodium ascorbic phosphate, a stable size of Vi-Ta-Min C, which means it’s less prone to lớn oxidation (when exposure to sunlight and air can turn a formula brown và rancid smelling). Dermatologists also say this is a gentler form of vitamin C than the popular L-ascorbic acid so often used in serums. 

The difference lies in their composition: L-ascorbic acid is ‘bioactive’ and a readily available size of Vi-Ta-Min C for the skin lớn use straight away; sodium ascorbyl phosphate converts into lớn ascorbic acid once it"s in the skin. Generally-speaking, this conversion process makes sodium ascorbic phosphate less potent than other forms of vitamin C but also more likely lớn tolerated by all skin types, including those prone to lớn sensitivity. 

The other key ingredients include antioxidant Vi-Ta-Min E và also ferulic acid, which boosts the power of vitamins C và E in fighting damage from không lấy phí radicals và ramping up collagene production. From there, hyaluronic acid hydrates and chamomile extract soothes. The added benefit of all of these ingredients being in a serum rather than a cream is that the tiny liquid molecules are able khổng lồ dive sầu deeper into the skin, past the outer layer.

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How to lớn use

Use morning & night. Vitamin C doesn’t make skin more photo sensitive like, say, retinol, but it’s worth layering sunscreen over the top. Used together, a vitamin C serum acts as a second shield for the skin against UV rays and helps lớn neutralize any không lấy phí radical damage. 


The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum already comes in an amber-colored bottle khổng lồ protect it from light but it’s nevertheless worth storing it in dark, cool space lớn maintain its potency.


The recommended RRPhường for the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is $33.99/£25, which, although not cheap, is the going rate for a mid-range serum these days.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum review: the verdict

The jelly-lượt thích texture is nothing short of heavenly. It sinks in immediately và doesn’t leave sầu skin feel tacky. The fact that it’s water-based is good news for oily skin types, as it’s less likely to clog pores, & is undeniably a draw in summer, when we’re lightening up our skincare layers. 

The only downside for vitamin C junkies is that sodium ascorbic phosphate is converted inkhổng lồ ascorbic acid when in the skin. This makes it a less effective or active sầu size of vitamin C than the gold standard L-ascorbic acid. Still, this is also also why the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is much less likely to cause irritation in sensitive sầu skin. And it is still effective at inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme needed lớn produce melanin in the skin, the overproduction of which causes hyperpigmentation. 

But ultimately it’s the antioxidants that are the key players in this serum as the powerful trio of ferulic acid & vitamins C và E help to brighten skin, stimulate collagene production & protect against ageing environmental aggressors. 

Who should buy Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum

Those who prefer natural skincare products that are không tính tiền from parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, petrochemicals, SLS, or other additives are likely add straight to lớn basket. It’s also a beneficial serum for oily skin types and for those who normally find their skin becomes riled after using vitamin C. That said, the sensorial texture of the serum will make anyone’s skin look brighter & more light reflective sầu - which is precisely the instant gratification we desire while our skincare gets khổng lồ work in the long term.