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Manage và skết thúc Instagram messages online through a simple desktop application. Sover Instagram messages right from your computer - and it"s không lấy phí forever.Bạn đang xem: Instagram direct



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igdm helps you sover Instagram dms online

The Most Complete Instagram Messages App on PC và Mac

We"re not exaggerating either. The Instagram direct messaging experience has been made better than ever before with our igdm Instagram messenger phầm mềm. It"s simple to use và is feature packed:

Sover Your Instagram DM Effortlessly

Skết thúc all your Instagram direct messages with ease right from the comfort of your own máy tính. Whether you"re on a PC or Mac you"ll be able to lớn sover all your Instagram direct messages online right after loading up your shiny new igdm tiện ích.

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Continue Your Instagram Messages online

Piông chồng up where you left off with your Instagram messages. Older messages are autoloaded as well as new ones, meaning you"ll be able lớn access your entire chat history on Instagram right through igdm. Setting up takes a few seconds.

Save sầu Instagram Photos & Videos From Your Messages

Friend or family sent you a photo lớn or Clip straight to your instagram dms? No worries, you can tải về these straight to your computer through igdm within two clicks. Never chiến bại a picture or đoạn Clip again just because it landed in your IG inbox.

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Search Through Your Instagram DMs

Disable Read Receipts On Your Instagram Messages

Want khổng lồ read your Instagram messages without letting the other person know you"ve read them? That"s easy to lớn vì with igdm. Simply install the phầm mềm and disable the read receipts. Notoàn thân will know you"ve read their Instagram messages.

Quote Instagram Messages In Your Chats

Wanted khổng lồ reply khổng lồ specific messages but didn"t want your conversation to lớn thua context? Use the quote feature we"ve built into igdm. It"s easy to use and makes chatting way easier. We"re not sure why Instagram didn"t build it natively into their ứng dụng, but we"ve done that for you.

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Get The Most Complete Instagram Messenger For Free

Manage Your Instagram DMs on Computer

Instagram messaging on your PC or Mac is super easy to bởi vì with igdm. Start a conversation quickly with intuitive sầu tìm kiếm functionality, express yourself with emojis, và quote Instagram messages lớn get the most out of your Instagram DM experience!

Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Messages

Your Instagram Chat Experience Just Got Better

IGDM takes your Instagram messages to lớn a whole new màn chơi. It takes a few seconds to install, it"s completely miễn phí to lớn use, & it has so many native sầu features that you"d love to lớn use while you message bachồng và forth with your friends và family.

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People Are Loving IGDM ❤️

Don"t just take our word for it - everyone else says we"re the best Instagram messages ứng dụng for your PC or Mac.

“Using this Instagram messenger app has been a huuuuuuuuuuge relief. I hate picking up my phone just khổng lồ check what message came in. Pretty happy with IGDM especially since it"s không tính phí.”

“Works well enough. I get all my Instagram messages as soon as they come in so there"s no delay. This was my main concern but it"s fine. I recommover you IGDM!”

“Simple and easy to use khổng lồ skết thúc an Instagram DM. I"m just glad I can use it on my desktop PCChuim mục: Kinh doanh online