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If you have sầu ever encountered a full-text Word file that is .VnTime, you would like lớn copy a piece of this text to another text with a phông that is VNI-Times or Unicode font. trouble due khổng lồ heterogeneity between text codes.

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If you have sầu ever encountered a full-text Word tệp tin that is .VnTime, you would like to copy a piece of this text to another text with a fonts that is VNI-Times or Unicode phông. trouble due lớn heterogeneity between text codes. This problem is very common in practice, users often take a lot of time & encounter many difficulties to edit. This article clarifies step by step how to implement the code transcoding because there are many people who know the features of Unikey software but have sầu not successfully implemented it. To vày this conversion, you can use Unikey software 3.55 and above sầu and vì the following: Method 1: Switch the font of the whole text file Run Unikey, press the combination of three keys Ctrl + Shift + F6 . Open the converted file, choose File > Save As ., select the Rich Text Format extension khổng lồ save it with * .rtf format. Then, go to the Unikey window, select Source code TCVN3 (ABC) corresponding lớn the original text file with the code .VnTime. The destination encoding you choose is VNI Windows to lớn convert into lớn VNI-Times-coded text, selecting Unicode to convert inkhổng lồ a text with the code Times New Roman. Then, select the source tệp tin and the destination file.

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It is important lớn add .rtf so that the destination tệp tin must have sầu an extension * .rtf. Finally, you clichồng Transfer code, the process of making the conversion is very fast, only a few seconds lớn complete. After that, you save sầu the tệp tin khổng lồ be transferred in Word"s mặc định * .doc format.
Method 2: Transfer the fonts of a piece of text through Windows Clipboard cache The essence of this method is completely similar to lớn the way 1 but usually applies to lớn transcoding a piece of text to lớn save time because it is not through RTF tệp tin format. You open the text file, select a paragraph khổng lồ convert và press Ctrl + C to copy to lớn Clipboard và select corresponding to the source table on Unikey. On Unikey, select the target encoding section that corresponds to the desired phông, then kiểm tra the Convert clipboard code section on Unikey, then press Convert code. After that, press Ctrl + V in your text, you will finally get the appropriate text snippet as desired.

Specific instructions, visual instructions for this way, you can refer here: How lớn transfer fonts code with Unikey Unikey program can be used khổng lồ convert code aước ao many different text code formats. Currently the lachạy thử version is Unikey 4.0, you can tải về it at website or find it at the computer software store. Nguyen Hoai Nam